Friday, March 29, 2013

The Green Light

I know we don't talk to each other, I understand we don't have to.
I escaped out of  US, and now it's just ME & YOU.
It's a small story, I want to share,
If we are connected, you would care.
You know that's so silly and stupid,
But I see my account, to learn your bit.
The grey light tells, you have moved on.
The red one tells, you are there but not for me.
The orange one tells, you wanna be there but can't.
And the green one tells, you are around waiting for me...


  1. It's Creative, sad, with hope, keeping you high n low at the same time & very Sweet! :)

    But simply great!

    It always enlightens me to read your Blogs!

    Wish you a happy life ahead.

  2. Hope all lights remain green in your life always!