Thursday, October 10, 2013

That's Only 'Mine'!

"Hey don't use that Mug.."
"Why do you mind?"
"It's a personal gift."
"Oh, okay!"  (with a weird tone)

So what is this possessiveness about few things like clothes/utensils? And this is no Exception if I add CODE too in the list..the typical competitive engineer side of me!

Few examples are like :

1. You have been gifted a utility by someone really special. So what's the next thing you do with it? Do you keep it in your mirror case for decoration or in your kitchen (let's say it's a mug) ? In most of the cases after saving it for few months ;-) it goes into your regular kitchen stuff! 
Next hurdle is, are you okay sharing it, or you wanna make sure no one else uses it? Now in most of the cases, not just girls even boys do not wish to share their special gifts. Is it wrong? Totally not! That's been gifted to just YOU after all. 
So what do you say when you see someone else using it?
Ya, that's our next hurdle now!
You just go ahead and say it upfront. "Can you please not use it next time? It's a gift."
Now, what if that person gives you a weird toned assertion. 
It could be "So what..I do share my gifts." "Hmm...okay.." "Ohh..okay" or the ones wanting you to tell you your story further.."Oh, sorry I dint know it was personal to you."

Now based on my observation, rarely people would give the last response. Mostly they would be thinking lame about you. Now well if you are one of these you must know that,

"Possessive thinking frequently accompanies “heartless thinking” in which no empathy is felt for the need or concerns of others."

So you have started it, be ready to accept!

And personally, there is nothing wrong in being possessive about few things. If at all it is not some living being! I usually don't discriminate my love for them too :P

2. It could be a childhood memory you have been carrying with you since you have left home for the first time. It might sound kiddish to say I don't want to share my so and so thing, I have been using/having it since I was a kid, a very rare case, and the other person might find you nuts! But he/she might seem to forget in fury that you have emotions attached to it..for a long long time. It's been yours since when you din't know you were going to stay away from home among some new people, who would be daring to use it. :rude:

So again be it. And those on the other side, let them be it.

Ya this is it...this is what all I wanted to say on this..

And BTW, about the code...(that's just for fun)
I have spent my days and nights behind this one piece of code and you want to be the sole person knowing the in and out of it until you show it to your boss first. 
Now here I would say, you better not be strictly-possessive. 
Show it to your peers, get their inputs and let them know in advanced that you would want to demonstrate it directly. Straight and Simple!

Note ** This post is based on just a few random thoughts I get from here and there..Seeing people and their reactions to their beloved things..!! Btw I somehow like them..
Because - "If they can hold feelings for some non-living thing, imagine how much they feel for the person/reason who/which is behind it"  :)

Born to dream :)


  1. You haven't changed a lot!

    But to be truthful, this makes you who you are and that's the best about you! :)

    Looking forward to read your next post.

  2. Well, thanks for your time!
    PS - I would have been delighted to know who knows me so much to say that I haven't changed a lot, actually I haven't changed a bit..hmm.. :)