Monday, August 23, 2010

Happens with everyone..

Trying to be what she should, this girl last night slept after a sweet-bitter conversation with someone special to her. The early morning when she wakes up, she had a dream where she happens to dreams something, which she would not have wished to see..ever !! Trying to forget that, waking up from her not-so-sound sleep she gets ready to join her office after this long weekend. But before she leaves her home, a small accident happens and her head bumps into the door opener, hitting her badly and making her scream loudly and almost on the verge of crying. But as she had decided once in her life, never to cry, she controlled her tears and sat for some minutes on her bed, long enough to be able to stand up again and avoiding that buzzing in her head occurring due to that hit. Had her breakfast, waited for 10 minutes to get an auto but there wasn't any, surprisingly !! Then one auto rikshaw wala, already filled with 5 passengers stops by and asks her. She sits as that auto wala said it is directly going to the location she has to get down. Once the auto picked up the speed, the truth comes and he says mam can you get down near XYZ, some location in between. What then, she hated that autowala for lying to her and then shouted on him at her best, unconsciously blaming him for all the bad things which have happened to her in the last few hours. That autowala, not giving much importance to what she was blabbering said, if you pay him double the money than it usually takes he will drop her to the intended place. Listening to him, and being unwilling to argue to answer upon this she preferred keeping quite. But that wasn't it. The way she cursed him from inside, turned to be really working against him but timings were wrong. How?? lets see..As the Hyderabadi autorikshawalas think of themselves as, someone no less than Rajanikant, to avoid traffic he takes a short cut and there while taking a 90 degrees turn, a car driving in full speed , almost hit the auto at the turning point. Unluckily, she was sitting at that corner, where this collision almost happened. For a second, she believed that she is going to die the next moment. But something was good there, and that car apparently did not actually hit the auto and it was saved by few inches. Both the drivers started arguing, very usual and normal incident in a city like Hyderabad. Later when they both finished fighting and the auto started, to the next turn one police wala stopped him, because he was trying to take the short-cut. Few more minutes consumed, she was getting late now. The moment she decides to get down of the auto rikshwa and take another one, that auto wala came after bribing that police man and again said, 'madam ab kaha hi jaoge aap, beth jao isime'. A sudden urge of screaming in the middle of the road came, with a bit of embarrassment and she took her seat again. Reached office, took her place, started the system and guess what. Manager's email. Not a good one. After a long discussion on chat with her on site counterparts, now she is okay or say better..not working on the task assigned because she is stuck with something new which she has to finish before tomorrow and there is no one to guide her and the worst part is that she is not bothered about anything right now..but about the phone call last night.....!!!!

** At times the beginning of the day describes who you are for the rest of the day..So, always try to have good good mornings..:D

I do.. :)

Note**: Characters, places and the events have no real life significance..!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to Deloitte!!!!

So finally I could find some time to write about my whole journey from home to welcoming at Deloitte.
I left my home early morning on 21st June. Me and my whole family except my younger brother whom I missed so badly throughout the way came to drop me. While going to Ahmedabad we all stayed at “Mahudi” for a while,a famous religious place in Gujarat.This place specially belongs to “Jains” but I have always found all kinds of people coming over here. Then we headed towards Ahmedabad again.I had to collect some documents from my college,so went to college.As I entered the head ofiice of the student section even the smell of the wood was making me feel that I am going far away from something very close to me.Looking at the empty Canteen gate and the empty banches was hurting me..I had never thought that it would feel so bad during the initial days of my college but as the years passed,I made my evergreen,awesome friends I had started building up that fear and finally I was there facing that awkward change..Throughout the corridor I was imagining my friends and thinking that we are never gonna come back to that same place together..That feeling still pinches me,and believe me it's not so easy to stay with that..

After that work we went to take some food and at last to the airport,the place,from where my new journey was going to start in few hours.So after those few touchy and sensitive last moments with my family I checked in.It was my first flight.I was very excited for that above everything else.
Then in Hyderabad the Deloitte Guest room facility was already there for new Hires for next two weeks.That was the golden time I spent over there.It was a four star hotel and apart from it’s food everything else was wondering.So guys who are joining Deloitte, be ready for a good welcome.
The very first and the next two more days were regarding the Deloitte policies,rules(as such nothing new in this section),the technical guidance,case studies and yeah the most important thing networking was there. You are supposed to greet everybody if you want to learn how to network but in a formal way.But the best thing of the first day was that they gave us our new laptops…..During those days of orientation I had a funny moment too.As everybody was supposed to be there in the room on time after the lunch break(7* food….  ),I mistakenly got late and then I had to pay it’s price.I sang “Papa Kehte hai… ” song as a punishment but then I took it positively because it was a chance to build up your confidence among all in a new place…So guys be a bit late if you want some publicity stunts for free…haha..!!

During those days at Ivory Sands…(my guest house’s name) I had started building up a strong bond with many people. We were not formal to each other at all and used to talk till late night about our families,movies,college and such stuff. And somehow slowly a small circle started building up and I am staying with them only most of the time. So again an advice,please take advantage of Deloitte accommodation and be open to all.
Then in next week I could get chance to visit actual Deloitte office. There are total five blocks, A,B,C,D and E.E block is a newly built and it’s around 7-10kms (not sure) form the other four blocks.Every block has got something special in it.
The most visited block is D block by not only me but everyone else because there is the place where you have got the cafeteria, having food at reasonable prices with WI-FI,So anytime you can go there to download your important stuff provided you have enough time… :P :P

That’s it regarding Welcome 2 Deloitte.I’ve luckily got the service line in which I had wanted to work.It’s System Integration with Java platform.The training is towards it’s end and from 20th July I hope we’ll be ready to hit the floor. Looking ahead for the toughest challenge…!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sleepless Night...

It's 4:44am in my watch and m out of sleep...
actually just got some such unexpected news today that vanished my all plans..
I had to join Deloitte on 22nd of June as per the last Notice but got to know today that some 30 selected people out of new recruited guys are supposed to join on 7th of June...
I don't know the selection criterion..and also don't know that why we are supposed to be there soooooo soon but I know the one thing going in my mind "NOT SO SOON"..2 weeks earlier??
They are taking away some days out of my last summer holiday and I can't help it..

As I got the news,initially I was so happy because there you get the feeling of being selected among many for some good start...but slowly the whole excitement went down..

I had some holiday plans...Some more few Last things..Bit more family time..
I had been thinking of how my last 3 weekends are going to be,,I was learning to drive 4 wheelers..I used to wake up usually around noons..Even if on every morning I used to think it's so boring to wake up without any purpose but it was better then not sleeping with lots of burden on you..

I actually even don't know that what are we supposed to do there but..somehow I am losing somethings left to be done behind..for whom I would never get any second chance..

That's it for now.. Thanks so much for your huge patience!!

I hope I can sleep now..I needed to share!!