Thursday, March 14, 2013

Strange but True!

A series of different incidents within half an hour, can make you feel happy about yourself!

My cook is not at her best..She is a single mother, taking care of her sick mother and a physically handicapped son. She would be in her forties. She doesn't keep well most of the times herself..After all, she is trying her best to come to work, her only source of income and support, though not regularly but I won't blame her entirely.Rather I pity on her circumstances.

It's mid of the month, and she asked for some money. She was looking pale and tired. I immediately gave her some cash without questioning. I guess, she thought I am trying to show disinterest towards her so she waited for me to speak something, standing at the door, with fear in her eyes to loose her only job someday soon. She often does ask for money, sometimes at 7 AM in the morning..But that wasn't what I was thinking then.It was an article, I read the other day, which crossed my mind as soon as I saw her. It said "I spend more money on Dominos than I spend on  my maid.". I realized the silence and did ask her.She explained how her mother needs to see doctor and she doesn't have any cash. Like all other things, she does it often. I let her, because may be she wants somebody to talk to and that lessens her pain. But one unexpected thing she did today was she bent down towards me, joining her hands. To show respect and gratitude in her words. But I was hurt. It doesn't feel right when someone so elder to you does that. Believe me it doesn't . I told "It's your hard earned money, don't thank me for that. " Yes, yes like our Hindi films. Smile caught her face  and she said while leaving, "Pehle ek bitiya thi, jo mera bhut khayaal rakhti thi..ab woh Hyderabad mein nahi hai...Bhagwaan ne unki jagaha tumhe bheja hai beta. Bhut khush raho!" [English - There was a girl, who used to take care of me very well. She is not in Hyderabad anymore, hence God has sent you. Stay Very Happy!]  I was touched and obliged. :-)

I left for the office in another 10 minutes, on my BICYCLE! Yeah, that's my new passion. Though it was turning to be little sunnier, I rode it with my playlist on. I reached office. The gate keeper smiled. Since when I have got bicycle, I am a little familiar to them. When I am not with my cycle, sometimes they do ask me, "Ma'm aaj cycle pe nahi aaye aap?" Haha..You don't have to do something huge to be noticed, just a little,out of the flow does sometimes. So that's not it. I was in the basement parking my cycle, one unknown colleague asked me smiling "Hey how much did this small thing cost you?" I told the price. He immediately said "Oh nice..I have been telling my friend(the one standing next to him) since long that I want to buy one..From today on wards you are my role model. Let's see if I buy soon. :-) " often do you see that coming..:D

I had a big smile on my face. I took stairs to reach my floor. That's one of the nice things, I have taken from one of my old friend. As soon as I opened the floor (4th floor) entrance, I see my friend cum colleague standing there. In awe at this sight he says, "Stairs Dishi?? Why do YOU need them?..I need them and I always think of that, but never able to..Keep it up.. Have a great day!!"

What can I say now..The smile grew bigger..!! :D
So, yes I am just having a great day, by doing nothing for others but myself. Strange but True! :-)


  1. Nice one.. experiences like these can really make your day! :)

  2. I have been a long time u blogged since. Liked it. As we grow old, we change too much that we no longer smile for little things in life loosing that sensitivity. But , you are one exception. I wish, you will be the same ever. You definitely are my Role model in this... :)

  3. Touchy...
    You are really a pure gold hearted person.
    Congrats 4 d BICYCLE.
    All d best... :-)

  4. Hi...:-)

    Very emotional ...!!

    But You are always be symbol of twinkly and inspiration even for me also from school days.

    Keep going ..inspire people..!!!