Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Karke Dekho - Achha Lagta Hai :)

It was a usual start of the day. I reached office at around 11AM and started going through the emails in my official mail box, the first thing ought to be done every morning :) .The top most email which was about a blood donation camp for Thalassemia patients caught my very attention,but at last. Since a long time I wanted to donate blood, wanted to help someone, wanted to be a part of those, who take such responsibilities and do good for the people for no reasons but self satisfaction. I had tried once in my school and once in my college but because of me being underweight I always got disqualified. So today morning I  went through the email, and  there was this line,

Bring Back Smile to Someone’s Life, Roll Up Your Sleeves.. Register here" 

I decided, I will again try this time, as I had put on some significant weight during past few months.. :)
So I registered myself. During the lunch break the volunteering group had put one presentation to inspire people for being part of this event. The presentation was getting repeated continuously, during which one small video was played again and again.Initially because of the noise in the cafeteria, I could not hear the audio and understand the intend behind it, but then I happen to notice the subtitles and which again caught my attention for the second time for the same reason. Here is the link,

I truly agree with the caption given to the post saying, 
'Such simple words but coming from an innocent stranger, can change the way you think.'

I asked my friends and they were also going to be a part of it, it felt good. So right after the lunch we went down to the basement where the camp was arranged. Everyone had to fill up one form and then had to see a doctor for casual check-up. Checking my nerves, my eyes and after asking some formal questions, she said I am fit for it. She noticed my smile and asked, "Is it your first time?" and I said "Yes" continuing the smile. I was excited, because for the first time I was going to do something like this,  also I had the effect of that small girl which was making me feel better and better about myself, as I was going to help someone like her..:)

But doing good also is not always so simple. I had to undergo one more test regarding Hemoglobin 
check-up. The person in-charge there, took out one fresh needle and took my finger to prick it for blood, I tightly closed my eyes before he started, while  he said don't worry you won't feel anything. But I continued my facial expressions.It was over in a few seconds,and as he had said, I just felt like a small pinch, like when an ant (red one :)) bites you..that's it.. :) A guy standing by me said, "Hey, you dint scream at all, girls do that usually...nice !!" And I replied nicely saying, if I was afraid, I wouldn't have come at all..:) But, to ruin my feelings and excitement, sadly my HB count wasn't up to the requirement. The person shared this news with sad face, saying it's a bit less than the expected and we can't allow you in that case. I again asked him, that what if I still want to donate, he asked me to consult with the doctor. I went to the same doctor with some hope but she said you might feel sick after that and I won't advice you to do that now, as you have to join office post this, you can try next time. For that moment, I felt the same thing, as that guy in the above video, possibly might have felt,  'Why couldn't I??'  I was upset. I went straight to my cubicle and kept "rejected :( :(" as my Gtalk status..!! 

I wanted to share these feelings with someone, some kind of failure,which I felt again. But somehow, it hardly took me some minutes to be back to where I was before lunch break, as I love doing my work, to be specific, coding,  but before starting, I told myself, "at least you tried :)", which amused me for the fact that I did get that needle pricked in my finger, for that very event only..:)

But suddenly, because of the Gtalk status,within few minutes, I started getting pings of my close, caring, few always in invisible mode ;)  friends asking - what happened? Even though I could hear the sound, I could not reply immediately to those pings, as my manager came over,and we started trying to resolve one Big-Big issue. So by the time I was back on my Windows machine from the Linux box, there were around 8-9 chat windows simultaneously open.. Before starting to reply, I read all of them,
Some thought I am distressed because of work, some thought I got rejected in some marriage proposal :O, some thought that I rejected someone (thanks for keeping me on the other side.. :P), and some directly asked what happened? (those who knew that all of the above options were not possible :) ) The best one was, "confusing, remark..." !! 

So after answering all of them one by one, and knowing what they were thinking of,  I kind of started laughing. Most of them were concerned, a few were happy knowing that I at least tried and a few started mentioning what all healthy food I should eat to get myself there successfully, "next time"..I was (more) better...:) 'Talking to near and dear once in misery' always works for me..:)
So in the evening while I was home, I went to my flat-mate asking for something. And meanwhile, she suddenly asked me, what is wrong with me, saying that someone was asking her, about me being upset onto my status...This was surprising but cheerful,  knowing people care in their own different ways.. :) I immediately logged in to change my status and to my surprise I got few more pings, right then...and hence I updated my status to,

"To be precise : W.R.T. my prev status "rejected", I got rejection from "Blood Donation Camp"..Nothing to worry..stop pinging dear friends...mein to ekdam bhali changi usual..hahahaha..btw thanks a lot everyone... :D :D:P :P"

Everything was normal then.. :)
Later, somehow I decided to blog this entire day, as I was wondering if people continue caring for each other so much, then naturally, everyone would be able to feel the power and happiness,  I was feeling, being inside that camp and while my friends were talking to me..Then to know more about such camps, I also read some statistics related to blood donation events and its requirement , and found out, that every second, there are people around the world, who need blood. There are small kids who die of anaemia every hour. There are number of women, dying due to lack of blood, during deliveries every minute. 

So in conclusion, firstly I want to say thanks to all my friends for being so prompt and caring, secondly even though I am not a part of any promotion campaign, I wish that those who can, should donate blood, and last but not the least,  I will follow all the advices I got today,  and wish I'd be a part of it some day,   
"Bringing back smile on some one's face, rolling up my sleeves...:) "

Dishi :)


  1. hehehe... nice description...

    yaar maine toh straight kaha tha acha tagline hai... uske baare main toh likha hi nahi... :-(

  2. Thanku,thanku.. :)
    And you said but after the "second" status :P :)

  3. Willingness to do something good matters - results will take care of themselves :) .. Keep it up..

    And GAIN more weight :P ;)

  4. Nice thoughts of helping d needy person n devoting time for other's welfare. U r really lucky to have so many gud frnds... :-)
    All d best for ur next n first blood donation... :-)

  5. I came to this blog note accidentally around a month back... when I saw this video for the 1st time. And, today when I really rolled up my sleeves 1st time for the noble cause, I donot want to take up the credit alone.

    "Thanks for sharing this inspiring video and the write-up. It helped me today in achieving something which I was ignoring for the past few years and may be would have ignored it this time also, if not have cofronted with the video or the write-up."

    Keep up the spirit and keep writing!!!