Monday, January 12, 2015

Miss You Papa - For Ma

She looked at me with a half hearted smile. She was trying to make me feel better unaware that her eyes were filled with visible tears. I could not sleep with peace that night.There were times when she used to poke me and my younger brother early mornings hard so that we wake up early to eat her cooked delicious breakfast and spend time with her. It never bothered earlier, because we knew Papa will be there to appreciate her cooking and give her company. We knew that she will keep herself busy serving him and waiting for us to wake up, knowing we too will fight for the last byte of the food served. But today morning it was different. I knew she is not busy. She is sick and she can't cook easily any more. Her hands are full of pain. She has nothing to keep herself busy, no one. And she will think of Papa, she will miss him. I woke up earlier than usual, to divert her mind, sit next to her as long as I am home. 

Things have changed so much!

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