Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love Actually..

She had never disappointed her parents, she had never let down or ignored anyone close to her. But the energy she shared with this guy was amazing, it was beautiful. It was a sincere love and a romantic love story they had she dint want to forget ever. She could not digest the fact of him being just a chapter of her life and end it. She decided she will tell her parents. They decided they will.

Her parents dint agree. She had to fight back her tears and ignore their pain. She had to at times, ignore she was in love with someone and give priority to her parents. So much to and fro. Her father would not talk to her. Her mother would curse her destiny for giving birth to her. She had let down everyone who once used to appreciate her. She was broken but stubborn. She knew it is going to take time and he was besides her.

They broke more and more, each passing day. There was so much pain and anger stuck up within them that it brought up the worst sides. They cried, screamed and begged. Her parents and relatives asked her to forget the guy and that guy asked her to give this all some time. They were confused, they were full of guilt. She somehow forgot being happy. Forgot being happy when they were together ! He dint have any choice and she dint have any power left. An year passed and things were not smooth at all. Her family had boycott her. It was difficult to show her care for them, given she was not agreeing to forget her guy. She had lost trust, trust of those who mattered her the most at one point in time. She just kept on wishing for some magic which can turn this all upside down and bring them together, with their families' approval. She loved him truly and she knew she would not find someone like him. He was perfect for her, he was the reason she was successful today. He was her strength. And she feared if it was possible to live without him around her. She felt safety in his arms. She knew he was the love of her life. She loved him more than anything else. Yes, this time more than her family. She dint give up. He dint let her give up.

A few years later, the families agreed. The pressure of growing age and the society made them go against their wishes. She was happy. They were happy. It seemed as if they had achieved each other for the life time. Things weren't smooth but! They had to struggle and convince their families for very small things which dint matter to them but mattered to the families. One time things, which took off a series of arguments and discussions between two of them. One wedding day, and it took rough period of many months of preparation.  They had to convince the families again. They had to bear it all. They had to plan their own wedding, with managing every tiny traditional ritual in mind. Families won't come forward in a supporting way and by now they wanted to just get done with it.

Finally, they got married!!

But, by now, both of them had seen each-other's worst sides. Things took time to settle, days passed. He wouldn't mind shouting on her and neither she would. They had done this before, many a times. They could not realize the difference in being together.They still were not over the pain it had been to them individually. The energy was depleting. The journey, the path they took to be together had torn them apart. They were impatient and reckless. They were now fighting hard with themselves to forget what had happened, as they realized where it was going and where it should haven actually directed to. They were dreaming to have the best time of their lives but were burdened with the expectations, pains and roughness of the past!

Was it worth?? All the pain they took to come together? All the pain they took to convince their families? All they went through to be good kids?

Even today families do not realize how much their conservativeness cost their children. How different it would have been if they were not so hard on their kids?

He once asked her - "Let us run away"...wish she had said YES!


  1. Lost my words and had wet eyes by the time I reached the end of it; going through the same phase now and hopefully will get the girl of my dreams without suffering this much pain.

    Wish there was a little more to read which could give hope that in the end everything gets good. :)

  2. Wish you all the Best pal..!!

    If there is anything you should take away from this story, then I think is it "Don't make the struggle a part of your love story, just close the chapter, when you are through! At the end of the day it is you two! Be prepared! Be in love.."

    About everything getting good in the end, Love never died between my characters..I am sure if they could realize, they can make it good too!

    - Never Give Up!

  3. This is so true..The reason why we say Love marriages fail is the families who are behind their kids..Parents should leave their kids alone once they start their own family! They should think of their times, to understand how difficult life can be with their demands and EGOs..I hope they ended up well..