Thursday, May 29, 2014

♫ How songs touch our lives ♫

"Songs" much important part they play for a movie and for how long they effect our lives, or ask how often..? My father has always been a big fan of cinema, and I have grown up hearing his collection of songs..Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar hits, ghazals of Pankaj Udhas, Jagjit Singh and many more..!! The songs were different then from now.The simplicity and the purity have somehow lost and forgotten. Of course not in all songs for sure, but in most of the songs today it is all about drums and beats than the basic idea of sharing the feelings and thoughts wrapped in the music. I am not here to criticize today's music but this write-up is just about the variety of songs and the various impacts they have in our daily lives! And yea, I too like drums and all depends upon the time and the surroundings :)

So do you feel the need of hearing a particular song at times? I do, and as of now I can think of these many reasons  :

1. When you are very happy?
2. When you are in a party and you want to dance on the beats of some crazy item number?
3. When you are travelling and you have none other thing to do better than listening to songs?
4. When you are working? Either in office or let say simply cooking at home?
5. When you are feeling severely hurt and want to cry? Oh there you go...songs do help you cry!
6. When you underestimate yourself and want to boost your self-esteem?
7. When you don't want to sleep and have to study/work, so to stay awake?
8. When you are sleepless?
& last but not the least...
9. When you are in love? :)

And so on...There may be ample number of other reasons apart from these that you might want to hear a particular song/songs.

There are songs, which might work as a medicine for you when you are upset about something. How about those overtly romantic numbers, with repeated similar lyrics ongoing from the decades? You might not play them very often, but you do like them if hit at the right time. :)

Has it ever happened, while listening to a song, you think of the person with whom you might have any sort of feelings/memories attached, and which are somehow being mentioned in the song? It might be someone you love, or it might be your best friend, it might be your mother or it might be someone you have a crush on or YOU yourself..! There is one all time favourite song of mine Aahatein. I first time heard this song as background score of a farewell presentation of one my friend, and now every time I listen to this, I tend to think of that friend without any effort. And honestly, this song is the reason I accidently populated so many thoughts in my mind about songs and how they touch our day to day lives :) Beware! there are some mysterious songs, which might make you fall in love with someone, when you are trying a lot not to fall ;)  Hahaha,,!!Too much about slow emotional songs? Yeah, the list is endless..But there are definitely songs which bring energy and excitement in our lives and help us change our moods.

Overall, in our day to day life, definitely for music lovers, songs do play some role. For a while, I wasn't in touch with the music and I knew that I was missing so much good around it. Songs do make you sad, happy, cry, passionate, love, sick ;) , nostalgic and help to make the enjoyment bigger! Oh how could there be weddings so fun-filled without songs..!

Imagine life without music and songs..How many things are said via songs, which could not have been better understood and conveyed if music did not exist. Thanks to the music composers and singers, who delve into the real life feelings and put them beautifully in words..Some of the feelings, even we did not know until we heard those songs..:)



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