Thursday, May 26, 2011

Out Of Goodbyes

After leaving college, I had no clue that I am gonna enjoy my first job equally at Deloitte.Hundreds of freshers like me had come with lots of expectations & excitement of first job,first salary, first project, enthusiasm of being a professional in such a well established organization (Guys jate jate don't wanna say anything :P). The Hyderabad city, that company's lavish guest house, a whopping building having alluring infrastructure,scrumptious buffets and breakfasts at grand Novotel Hotel..and those proficient & skilled people in professional attires with pleasant & magnetizing business attitude.And among us everyone out there was trying to cope up with this transition from "Campus to Corporate".Few people were happy in their own group and mood, a few who were totally new to the city and unknown to anyone out there were trying to network with people and be a part of some group, skeptical of what should we talk about and what should not be said, avoiding their college lingo..!!Conversely some were still in their college mood, and some had started networking with people like directors, and managers of Deloitte..There were also some people sitting in a corner waiting for some invite, or the procedure to get started and a few were totally busy stuffing themselves with Novotel's delicious food..People were talking in either English or some South Indian language..There was hardly someone with whom you could talk in Hindi :( Even my roommate for those next 15 days hardly knew any Hindi.I hope she remembers what I taught her in those 15 days, though I hardly remember what she had taught me :)

Those 9am to 6pm training hours, those Parle ji biscuits, which used to get over as soon as that boy used to bring them, tea/coffee breaks, those early morning hassles for getting last bench to sit, and those visits to Deloitte's main office specially cafeteria, before leaving for the day. Arguing with Naushad Sir and be the reason for everyone to laugh, thinking how many new friends I have made today while going back home, collecting contact numbers from everyone and talking about where and with whom they are planning to stay after the guest house facility is over..Even after lots of effort,forgetting the name of the person the next morning, you were talking with the last day, and then hesitating to ask again..Those sleepless nights at guest house and hunting of food, rather say North Indian food and those essential trainings to be completed before deadlines.From buying a new SIM card to buying those first salary gifts, that first salary dinner at Chutneys, first visit to Hussain Sagar, first team outing, first treat,the "Ascend" and so and so on...the list is huge...

So,why suddenly all this??Actually there is a reason, or say there are reasons, due to which I am reminded of my initial days at Deloitte today.Even though the first day seemed to be very boring and I thought everyone would be so much professional ,while it is ending,I am realizing that I have created so many memories in Deloitte that something is pinching from inside, as everyone I came across in these last few months is going away every other day :( and even I have to go...

Yesterday 2 of my friends (don't wanna say colleagues :) ) gave their farewell treat. Similarly since last so many days every weekend I am having farewell treats..There was a time while we only used to be parts of Birthday treats, but now the season of "Farewell Treats" has come it seems..!!And with every treat the happiness of us being all together fades away, lacking that person's presence's importance..And it not only limits to my first project mates or so, it's like, every one I came across during boot-camp and initial days at Deloitte, has been an important part of my first company, Deloitte's memories..

I know I am being emotional..but this is something which might be going in everyone's mind...
So now before that I keep on writing every sentimental thought popping up in my mind, I want to wind up this one, saying thanks to everyone who has contributed in making my life at Deloitte so beautiful and memorable...I know I am still here for one more month, but this whole thing is like a constant buzz on my mind and I had to blog it...Anyways I am definitely gonna write my Farewell email soon, but this one is especially for those, who will no longer be there to be in my "TO:" list..

So here I go..I am trying to put up everybody's name who has made it special, and hence holding me back....I know one has to move on, and every one does, but still somethings always remain indescribable, when one doesn't want to, even then he/she has to, for something better..!!
& I hope we all do achieve better and better :D

(Order doesn't all are precious to me...Also pardon me if I have mistakenly missed you..You are entitled to complain about it :))

Akanksha, Momo, Chirag, Devesh, Himanshu, Durga, Vastu, Malay, Ankush, Sundar, Abhimanyu, Arpit, Yashwant, Ayushi, Anand, Nishant, Ritesh, Siddharth, Aditya, DS, Sharma ji, Anusha Konchada , Anusha Dundu (Just to make sure you both don't get confused :) ), Pallavi, Gokul, Amulya, Ravi..Opppsss...Raj (@Ritesh: Hi-Fi for this one ;) )....and those who are going to complain... :)!!

Thanks & All the very Best to all of you.. :)
Please be in touch...
Phir milenge chalate chalate..:)


  1. I guess I was the only one who got a farewell treat and even after I had left and had come for funsies.
    Anyway, I hope you meet more such people. Of course DS to ek hi hai, aur milenge nahi aise. Isiliye, stay in touch. :)

  2. half of those people aren't holding you back, but egging you to move forward :P

  3. dissi ben .. senti kar diya yaar !!! :( .. Ivory Sands is still as fresh in my memories as the previous day ... lucky to be a friend with such a nice person as you.

  4. gud one bugs. ivory sand was rilly one helluva fun club.. awesome dayss... :)

  5. Hi Dishi...still memories are with can feel our presence :) those 15days i learnt a lil bit my team mates are continuing that..even though commn pblm is there bw us...we are good frnds..all the best...
    BE IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!