Sunday, May 8, 2011

C'mon Gals..Fetch your dreams

Something happened which made me write this blog..and this one is all about what I feel after looking at the girls being earning and self dependent and the girls who are getting married..So boys can avoid investing their crucial time :P
Also my mom inspired me to blog it, because like every mother she thinks what I think is right.. :)

Few months back one of my school mate got married,so just after finishing her college she was among a different category.I am avoiding naming it..being diplomatic ;)!! And today again I get engagement news of one of my closest friend...The moment I heard, I was really happy and still I am, but that moment made me realize few differences between me and them or say might be among our thinking..

When I was in school, I was very shy kind of girl, just like my other friends in my group were!!!!But that never made me feel that I was loosing anything. I can definitely say that I have enjoyed my school life fully. Right from taking part in some image building and mind eating competitions to dancing on stage and singing songs I have done it all.I've also created few humorous accidents on stage like forgetting the rhythm of the song while singing and just uttering the lyrics to falling down on stage while dancing...hahaha..btw that wasn't my fault..a silly wire did it..And of all I am glad enough that I din't miss anything during those school days.
When I was in college,initially I was again a shy kind of girl but down the line after few years had passed and I had few really good friends with me, I had started opening up and mixing up with people, which I know my school mates did far before I did..Why am I mentioning this is because every time we used to meet, I had always been told that you are as it is, no change..hah!!As if not talking to people was a crime. But later I realized that, that was the first thing I ever missed doing on time. :D ;-)

So,after hearing to those marriage newses today I felt that, was I wrong telling my parents not forcing me to get married?? Or was I wrong making them worried about me while my school mates are getting married and I am not..As they want me to get married soon.. :( Thinking all these sort of questions I went to do some shopping that too walking all the way..Since I love walking while I am thinking something really serious...And during that time I saw a couple of girls doing the same thing..I could feel their freedom in a way, I was able to relate what I was doing to what they were doing.. :)

I am not against marriage, but I believe that being a part of today's generation one(girls are target here) should give oneself sufficient amount of time to,

Grow up completely,
Build your professional/social image,
Use the power of 'independence'
Bring up the abilities of improvising/collaborating/learning,
Identify one's talents,
Take responsibilities for self,
Look for possibilities,
Explore oneself...etc..

Try something different, and you will surely realize that growth is happening..and you will begin to enjoy the new stage..Just think from the growth paradigm, and then go ahead to develop new perspectives...

I am trying all this, and I'm loving it.. :)
I am earning and I am on my own which makes me feel great. I can spend enough time with my friends. I can take my own decisions, I can buy my stuff, and I can take care of myself. And this feeling gives me supreme satisfaction at this point of time..

And since marriage comes under ones 'long-term' goals, obviously one day I have to marry, but why to hurry...why not to EXPLORE life before COMMITMENT stage comes ;-)

And I have read somewhere that,
The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them... Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will...

So hurry and use it fully before it's too late...!! I am doing it for my Mom, as she always wanted me to be an independent girl, as she thinks, she can make up for the things she has missed in her life through me..I can feel her satisfaction in her smiles, in her everyday talks, in her sighs.Personally I believe a lot more effort is still needed..but for her, I am everything..I am the best daughter. :)

This one is for you Mumma, I love you..and you are the sweetest gift to me ever..I owe you for being with me always, in all my decisions and persuading Papa for me :) :)
I wish I can fulfill all your wishes..
Happy Mother's Day :) :)


  1. super-like.. feel pretty much d same..jaws dropped whn i first heard ppl in deloitte gettin married.. :O
    jus dat wht ur mom s lik ..both my mom n dad r.. :)

  2. Excellent blog... super like... You are too beautiful in your thoughts mam, keep rocking...

  3. That was an excellent piece of writing. You are really an extraordinary person with fantabulous skills whether it is singing, dancing or writing. Your blog posts are as beautiful as you... :-)