Saturday, November 28, 2009

Superfluous Resting Period

Huff...So it's been a long time after my last post..actually i wasn't getting anything to share..
Right now I am at my home and enjoying being doing my final 7th semester's exams are over...We all students of 4th year are supposed to attend college from 30th as of now(it may shift any time...) for placements...Even also the students who are already placed!!

So we are no where actually...(placed ones!!!!)

After our last exams this period has been very tedious or I should say "over" to spend for me...
There is nothing unique to do for the whole day..Everyday either i am watching TV or trying
something new in the kitchen...(new hobby...)..

My last year's college life has been so fast,shocking and happening that right now this free time irritates me....I want to do something worthy but there is nothing "AS SUCH"...
I can try for training and start it ASAP..but not willing  to  stay  in  Ahmedabad anymore alone...

So,,I've tried as much new things as I could till now...a new hair-style(but still I hesitate to keep my hair open..:) )..different  wardrobe collection...and yes  Kitchen...hahaha...

Let's  see what's next...May be soon my training will get started and I'll be normal..A bit excited and a bit tensed...New ppl around around....More responsibilities....and so on...many new things at once!!!!
But I am ready for it..Jeena Isika Naam Hai yaaron...Wishin all the best to everybody facing this change and to me also...Keep smiling and loving the life!!!!

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