Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally I have an edge..that's Deloitte!!

So,it's for the first time m writing blog...And i would like to start it with a reason!!!

The very first company was supposed to come at our campus for had already delayed for around a week.I was preparing for it & I had bought costly formals,,,giving about around 7hrs to find the perfect match..Also i had to have a good looking,,i mean sophisticated one FOLDER to put resume and certis..So it also took at least 2 rounds of star-bazar market to find it...And finally i had everything ready with me..

23rd Sept'09 morning i was perfectly ready..everyone was supposed to reach college by 8:30am..i was in lift and suddenly I received call of my fact very good friend!!!in fact...will let u know some other as he said we may go 2gether..agreeing to him,I went back..and then after when it was 8:00am i went down waiting for him..And Mr. came at around 8:25...Initially i was very angry but as u should know,,u cant get angry with a guy,,helping you out in the early morning!! we reached college by 8:40am(or evn later)..Even then we were in time!!
Firstly there was a PPT of was more of a conversation type of thing than a boring presentation..i hope everybody enjoyed it. Then there was a written test consisting of logic,quants and verbal questions..
after that we were set free..but after some time when i was going back to the class room I got to know that I  had cleared the written test and then me with my selected friends have to be there in III CELL (pronounced as triple 'I' cell..our placement office) that was the first good news...

Coming back to home,till night I was preparing for the other day...even got to know about one mistake in my resume so went out to get the rectified print..Read about the firm,it's services and the industries on its website..

24th sept'09 I went to college..All were sitting in the Canteen's first floor..then after some time we were divided into groups of 6 ppl each for Case Study...and were given 20 mins to prepare..I had a good team..We were supposed to convince the venture capital businessmen for our product(laptop),also with a chart and we did well...Now there was the second good news that,I was through it...
Then there was a personal interview round..i sang my all time favorite song "Dil hai chota sa.."..
And it was a quite unexpected interview round..
There were questions like,,
- Describe your previous academic year projects.
-Where do u see yourself after 3 years?
-Why should I take you?
-Tell me ur some speciality that makes u different from others...etc..
 I answered all of them confidently...
Then it was the time for the third and the last good news of the day that i was selected in the company...Wakkoo...i had got the final first job placement!!!!
10 ppl are selected from my college!!
We then had a photo-session and hand-shaking round with the ppl from Deloitte..every one got a pen!!

Then i made my first call to my Angel(agn classified!!!)..Everybody at home was sooooo happy...then till next 1 hour i was busy in attending calls...
Two of the selected frens gave treat in MY VILLAGE restaurant...we njyd a lot..
Then comes the awesome first placement night...Fullll of ambitious and beautiful dreams!!!

So,here is my "first" placement day-night period of my career, in these few lines and also my first blog...I heartily want to thank everybody related to me during this period.....Specially the Late Comer!!!!


  1. I don't know what one should write here but m just writin my happiness..That's it...

  2. I truly inspired from your this hard work is needed to get the dream....

    and by the way what was your answer when you were being asked Where do u see yourself after 3 years?

  3. In your company nly but with a better position..bla bla!!!

  4. congrats!!!!
    i wanna mention one more thing that it was realy a treat to hear that song ' chhoti si aasha ' sung by you in the auditorium followed by questions from prof-T P Singh !!!!!!!
    i still can hear that magical sweet voice of yours.......