Thursday, July 20, 2017


It's been 6 days without Dwiref. He was out of town, on his yet another business trip. Nandini used to feel lonely a lot earlier, with time she had learnt to enjoy the company of books and herself, along with her job that kept her busy mostly. 4 years of marriage and they have had several instances of distant arrangements, owning to work responsibilities. But both were committed to their work equally and were equally respectful towards each other's work.

It was raining heavily in city since past 4 days. Nandini was sipping her green tea, sitting at her office desk. She looked outside the glass window and the weather took her by its beauty. This mesmerizing view lead her to Dwiref's thoughts and suddenly she remembered his text message that he'd sent few days back, while on his trip. It was an old ghazal he had shared with her. Something he happen to listen on his trip and found out soothing to his ears. She immediately searched across for that song and added it in her special play list named "Parivash". He named her so, years back, on their very first date. It means beautiful like fairy.

She was now listening to that song in loop. As if each and every word was coming from him..

"Mere rashke qamar, tune pehli nazar, yu nazar se milayi maza aa gaya.."
(O my envy of the moon, when your eyes met mine for the first time; it was wonderful.)

She instantly recollected the very first moment her eyes met with Dwiref's, when they had known that they had become more than friends. Her heartbeats went up with amusement and music volume went higher with excitement! She didn't belong to the office or that chair any longer. 

With a blushing face and waiting eyes, she moved towards the calendar,

"4 more days to go", took a deep sigh, slowly moving her chair back towards the glass window.

While she was looking outside, taking a ride down the memory lane, she noticed  the lyrics.. It went like this..

"Aaj sahrao main, ishq k gaon main, "baarishe" gir k aayi..maza aa gaya.."
(Today, in the deserts (of my heart), in the village of love, there were heavy rains; it was wonderful.)

She chuckled while making sure no body had noticed this whole transformation of hers. Whilst swaying her head slightly, she had a thought popped up, "How amazing is that True Love for someone never dies..nor does the feeling.." She was as eagerly waiting for Dwiref to return as she would have done years before and she was assertive that he was equally waiting to be home.

"With You it's Different"

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