Sunday, April 23, 2017

A trip to Singapore & Phuket

It was a well ahead planned trip and me and my husband gave enough time to filter options for must do things and must visit places. I would try to keep it short & crisp..Let's try.  :)

Travel Dates : 23rd March - 3rd April 2016
Covered Places : Singapore, Phuket (Thailand)

My brother-in-law & family stays at Singapore, so we rather left it on them to pick places for us to visit in the country & around. And to be honest that decision paid off well!

It needs around 7 days to cover major destinations of Singapore so we had addition 4 days and hence we chose to cover another one of the near by tourist destinations/countries and mark it as checked from our TODO list. After reading a lot of reviews, out of Krabi, Phuket, Bali & Malaysia we chose to cover Phuket, simply because of it's leisure lifestyle and beautiful islands.

Out of all the places we'd covered in Singapore & Phuket,  following are the must visit places there. I am pasting links to my tripadvisor reviews here for your reference :

Hoping these reviews will be helpful planning your trip.


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