Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Witnessing the Change - Women Power !

"Be with someone, who is proud to be with YOU. "

This line touched her. She is a woman right next door. She very easily let her family members laugh at her, her imperfections. She too laughs at those jokes then. That's fine at times! But off late, she has started to defend these imperfections on the back of feminism. Why should 'She' know it all? Why can't the imperfections be ignored while it is ideal to ignore imperfections of whom you love. Why is she reminded of what she does differently than other man or woman, in form of jokes...everyday jokes? Is it fine everyday? She is now suffering from identity crisis. Her imperfections and thus coming the innocence was the reason people used to like her. But right now, she does not want any more affection. She is just unable to handle the jokes anymore. Because when it is cracked everyday, it is criticism!

For thousands of years, continuously men has been given the importance in the society. Most of those who existed then did not think it was a big deal. But it is surprising to see women questioning the importance given to a woman today. Women themselves do not respect the things that they DO.

I am glad to see the change in point of view of the society. Women Power - Naari Shakti is rising. For those who get offended by this overdo of woman-power please note one thing - "Men are not being less respected and questioned...or whatever you think..It is women, who are being respected finally!" Long back I read an editorial in TOI, where the writer complained that because of the trending Indian Ads she is unable to look a good mother. Reasons are ample. Be it dishwasher, washing powder, MTR, baby care products, soaps, Bournvita etc etc everything is done by a Mother. While more prestigious stuffs like buying a car, 2 wheeler, taking a home loan and many more are done by Men. Her point was that her kids expect her to behave like those mothers shown in the television. Well how thoughtless, but they show both Men and Women when it comes to using the beauty products. Phewww!

Sometimes I feel that these ads and our thoughts are so old dated. People take pride by saying that they have changed with time, but for most of them it is more or less change in outer dressing and eating habits may be. Letting woman work is still a big deal, but not all families till date do that, and even if they do, she is expected to be equally pro in her household "duties". And yes, don't call yourself having given equal education to both your boy and girl child, if she cannot work afterwards if she wishes was of no use to her, no use to the society! Break the shackles and divide the responsibilities equally and then question women if they are any less than a man!

Thanks to a few ads, my eyes go around the room noticing every one's gestures when they are aired. One of the Ariel ads shows 2 old women talking how their daughter-in-law earns more than their son and how times have changed for women now. While on the backside, guy asks his wife that "why hasn't she washed a particular shirt" making these 2 old ladies look at each other with disappointment and a gesture that says still there is a long way to go . Please share the link in comment section if you found this ad! Their expressions are priceless and make me wonder whether these changes in women would be welcomed, appreciated and accepted by male community or not! Well if not, then please define an ideal woman/wife/daughter for me once, I want to know precisely what do you expect from her? And I know that just like any other movement you pick from the history, this too will have it's own share of challenges, lessons and downsides! However this change is constant and unstoppable.

Thanks to Divya for this ad's link :)

Overall, good to be a part of the era where women are really speaking up! Two last quotes I would like to share to sum up this blog:

"I live my life on my own terms, they call me Rebellion - because I am a girl!"
"If you are a true feminist, you wont be surprised to see a woman doing something grand!"

Hail Naari Shakti!

And yeah, be with someone who is proud to be with you!

~ Dishi

Note*  I could be Feminine but I am not a Feminist. I respect all the men who truly have earned it.