Saturday, April 7, 2012

'H'appy wala Birthday :)

We celebrate Valentine's day, Teacher's day, Mother's day, Independence day, Science day, Labour day..ufff and many more..You may or may not get a chance to be part of any of these days your entire life..When I say not get a chance, I mean that we might never be a Teacher to someone, or we might never have done something for Science..However, hoping all of us do celebrate Valentine's day without fail ;) So we have so many days dedicated for so many purposes, dedicated to so many people who have done great jobs in their lives, there is one day, which comes for each of us, whether you know it or not, the one day of the year which is meant to be just yours, your Birthday. Though many people are celebrating their birthdays on the same day, but who cares when it's your too :)

When I was a kid, like all other kids, for my birthday the only fantasy I had always had was, I wanted to dress up in in-formals..not regular school uniform, with a bag full of candies and go to school to celebrate it. But throughout my education this happened only twice. In Rajasthan state, till the time I was in school, 14th April was always a public holiday as it is celebrated as birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. But luckily, for the first time, when I was in class 6th, it wasn't a holiday. Not at all sure, what was the reason, but I remember it happened and even after around 14 years, I still remember the dress I was wearing :) I remember that how the girls were surrounding me..sorry no boys allowed :P, feeling supreme for just one day ;) and I remember that I had to choose between two of my best friends to go out for a round of chocolate distribution among all the classes. Of course, it had to be Chinks :)

Post school days, even during college days, being born in April, I was always at home preparing for my final semester exams. Yes, it used to fall during preparation leaves and hence I never got a chance to go to college on my birthday until 6th semester..14th April 2009, Tuesday..the best-est birthday ever..!! After which I am celebrating my birthday more than anything else every year..I am always excited about it like a kid..telling everyone that it's coming..\m/ :D. Want to know the story behind..??You will have to wait a little, but it's legen...wait for it...dary :D

Last year, I was home on my birthday, no regrets :) And this year again my birthday is falling on a holiday, which means I won't be getting a chance to dress up nicely and go to office :| :P, but let's see, what have you (The hero of my story :O) got this year for me....I am waiting, like I always do..:)

Dedicated :)
Right from Cloud no 9.. ;-)

A pic from the past :)


  1. Happy B'Day in advance.
    May ur hero always bring happiness in ur story.
    All the best :)
    n hope ............. :)

  2. Many Many Happy Returns Of D Day,
    Wish U A Very Happy B'Day... :-)
    May Ur All D Wishes Come True, Enjoy... :-)