Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I could not decide whether I should be posting this blog or not, but when I tried discussing some of the further mentioned things with few people, I could not get their interest either. This will be one more thoughtful blog, also debatable or say having difference in opinions but I am pretty sure that if no one, at least I will remember this, as I had some sort of devotion for my country while writing this, and would want to make it a part of my blog.

Every one's mind is running behind the answer of a common question, that where is my future heading towards? Which field, college, or university can avail me the best possible degree to start my career with? No offence, even I think the same.. The point is that, our minds are not thinking of something which should be currently the most sought after question.Which probably says, for how long these politicians are going to eat our nation's money based out of their fake government policies like this? For how long, India will be known as only a developing country but developed or perhaps not even that?

I was not fond of reading news papers much. For further matter, I have no shame saying that I was never interested in knowing that what is happening in my country, how does the govt. work, or in all how is it functioning? as far as I am doing good in my personal and professional life.But somehow for some or the other reasons, I started reading news papers daily.Initially I dint find it interesting as I had no clue what is written about, in most of the columns.But later when I started knowing how things work, small things like what is Marxism, what is Communism, how does parliament work, how does UPA differ from Congress,(honestly in fact I dint even know most of the names of the existing parties) I started developing interest towards it...I started following few editorials and columns daily and this made me observe this poor scenario laying in Indian democracy, which unfortunately have the stamina to not let it become a developed country ever, unless some miracle happens which converts thinking of all the Indians beyond any further edition forever.

Few months back, we were all kept flooded with news around CWG- Common Wealth Games related corruption scams.Thousands of crores of rupees were knocked off by politician and senior sport's administrators. A matter of shame for the country...!!!

Then comes this 2G spectrum scam, in which the honourable telecom minister himself was found involved incurring again ample of monetary losses to the country. Which again took the headlines of the news papers, revolving around so many other culprits belonging to the ministry of Indian government. One more occasion to feel shameful!!

Then comes this Jan Lokpal Bill. An anti corruption draft drawn by civil society activists, which is yet stuck in the procedure of being adopted by our so called governing body of India, falling behind because of the never ending clashes between the insatiable demands of the two parties. Everyone is aware of those fasts-unto-death dramas for getting public support in favour.

These out of control incidents like cabinet re-shuffles, price inflation, whether food or petrol, Telangana related issues and last but not the least TERROR ATTACKS are grabbing the headlines everyday making it difficult for me or may be most of us to imagine a future of India as a developed country, with no corruption, no inflation and no poverty.

Few hours back, there were 3 bomb blasts in Mumbai, causing severe injuries to people and loss of many lives. I was watching to a news channel, where all the politicians were commenting about this inhuman attack. The worst statement I came across was from our honourable PM sahib, which was stated as "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asks CM of Maharashtra, to keep him posted." I suddenly felt this urge of calling him and saying, you just keep quite as usually and you need not put even this much of effort to know what is happening.If our PM can be the person, "who" is least bothered to get himself updated on his own that what is happening in his country, then what else can you expect from other central level or state level ministers. Imagine what can be the major consequences of a government running under people like him .It also reflected the ignorance level of the head of the country. Not only in this incidence but it is reflecting in all the illegitimate affairs taking place day by day.

As far as I can recall, last time when India won world cup was the biggest good news which consistently appeared in news paper headlines.

However, I am not saying that the news papers do not know that how to compile the news and present, but I am not happy to know that everyday I wake up, I am reading some or the other undesirable and regretful things occurring in my country. I am not a very big patriotic or say someone who is interested in political matters, waiting in the wings to change India's condition, but it does create a regret that I cannot inculcate these qualities in myself and somehow I am one of those, who are only complaining about it, not taking any action to bring any change.

After a while, I will probably forget about all of these things, the rage which is there at some corner of my mind about the current state of affairs. May be I will have a guilty feeling every morning, whenever I see the front page of the news paper, reading one more unacceptable news, or may be I will not.But my biggest fear is that, the pace with which these petty things are inflicting our nation and then becoming bigger and bigger in size, are going to be the reason to bring down not only the economy, prestige and capabilities of the country but also the hope that India can be among one of the developed countries in the world.

I wish Indians soon see, some ray of hope!!
God bless INDIA!!

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  1. Great Thought

    I think Indian people having a great power to forgetting things , they don't stand in apposition anything wrong ax if that doesn't happens to them .

    But Indian way of getting economics prosperity is different if India become developed then more scam like 2G will come into picture because for fast work some attraction like money or motivation or dictatorship is required. In case of china dictatorship is working in case of America motivation and In India money is last hope for fast development.The perfect example is Dheru Bhai Ambani" although they get rich but they also increase Indian economy in parallel ways.